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logo Hidacs spécialiste haut-parleur directionnel grande fidélité et solutions audio interactives

Geneva, Lausanne
Since 2014


Engineering and R&D services in
Acoustics, Audio Processing and A.I.


Our offer

  • scientific audio and engineering resources

  • consulting services in acoustics, signal processing and A.I.

  • support for standardized acoustic measurement

  • access to an international network of acoustic experts

Our daily job

  • help our client go from idea to proof-of-concept to product launch

  • act as an acoustic expert in all R&D phases

  • design and implement custom signal processing algorithms

  • define product specifications and test validation
  • manage acoustic experiments
  • establish standardized acoustic measurements in laboratory conditions

Our strengths

  • + 10 years experience in acoustic research

  • + 10 years experience in applied signal processing for industry

  • + 5 years experience in machine learning and deep learning for sound

  • an agile working approach

  • a let's-do-it and result-oriented mindset

Our expertise

  • sound source localisation, microphone array processing

  • spatial audio, HRTF, binaural sound

  • A.I. for sound classification, anomaly detection, speech processing

  • active noise cancelling assessment

  • environnemental acoustics

  • headphone and loudspeaker measurements

  • watch measurement and sound analysis

Our daily tools

  • Matlab, Python, C, JavaScript

  • Audio Precision, GRAS, B&K Pulse

  • Adobe Audition, Audacity, Reaper

  • Jira, Confluence, Github

Let us know how we can help

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Hidacs Sàrl

Chemin de Grésy, 25

1012 Lausanne



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