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Ergostyle SA

Ergostyle SA

Ergostyle is based in Lausanne. They are specialists in office space planning and development. Ergostyle turns your way to design, structure and develop your work places. Since mid-2015, Hidacs products can be experienced in the Ergostyle exhibition venue.

The Hidacs story began within the walls of the EPFL Acoustics Laboratory (LEMA) where the core technology is born, thanks to supportive supervision of Dr. Hervé Lissek. Click on the logo to visit the LEMA webpage.

Metamedia Center is the EPFL department that launched SoundDots project. In the framework of the Montreux Jazz Digital Project, the objective were to make localized and intimist sound areas in the same venue so that people could experience Montreux Jazz Festival archives without headphones.

Latest Hidacs prototypes will be exhibited next July during the Montreux Jazz Festival 2015. Email us to plan a demo!

Hidacs products are the subject of sociological researches conducted by Prof. D. Vinck and Dr. A. Camus. They are both specialist in interaction between culture and digital humanities.

Hidacs products dedicated to HORECA can now be visited and tested in the world's first hospitality management school. Email us to plan a demo.

Need a sound designer for your brand? These guys - whose talent is recognised by the biggest luxurious swiss brands - are who you are looking for. Click and check out their universe!

Did you ever heard about olfactory marketing? Thanks to Aromwave SA, your stand, store, greeting cards... will smell exactly what best matches to your company. Clic on their logo and discover this fun team!