we make SoundDot

High-end directional loudspeaker


auto-adapted sound level

presence detector


airplay / wifi / bluetooth

RCA (Cinch)



LED lighting

customizable colors

customizable equalization

programmable audio/video player





max sound pressure level


energy consumption


75 Hz - 15 kHz (+/- 5dB)

660x660x560 mm

35 kg

-30 dB(A) @1m under the device

80 dB SPL @1m

0.001 @1kHz @80 dB SPL @ 1m

below 50 W (LED included)


Product history

A traditional HiFi speaker covers a wide listening area so that many people can enjoy the same sound quality, regardless of their position in the room.


Conversely, a directional loudspeaker focuses the sound in a privileged virtual cone in which only a small group of listeners is immersed, and outside which the sound is no longer audible.


Directional speakers are used in museums, restaurants, above interactive kiosks, or above stands in tradeshows, for example, to broadcast a TV soundtrack without disturbing the neighborhood.


In practice, laws of wave physics makes extremely difficult the association between high focusing and high sound quality. That's why most of existing directional speakers just can't creat a real musical bubble, but are limited to speech signals or specific sound effects, without bass.


Originally designed for the Montreux Jazz Festival, the directional loudspeaker Opera reconciles sound quality and directivity. Thus, the Opera is the first directional loudspeaker guaranteeing an immersion both localized and musically rish. The innovation is based on a patented signal processing algorithm developed at EPFL by the Hidacs co-founders.


Choose a room configuration and listen audio excerpts produced by our simulator

Absorbant room, no noise

Reverberant floor, with noise



50 cm

2 m to the device


4 m to the device

exactly under the device

Simulated through transfer function measured in anechoic room. Want to simulate your own audio file? Please contact us

Simulations obtained through transfer function measured in anechoic chamber. Want to simulate your own audio file? Please contact us.

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