About our Technology

Hidacs engineers have one obsession: conciliate directional sound with high quality sound. 


What make this objective achieved is the right association between ancestral laws of wave physics, speaker array theory and most recent advances in digital signal processing.


Our products include the patented SoundDots technology, fruit of years of research and development in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL). Wave physics drives the geometry of our products. This design has been optimized to make the system naturally much more directive than any common loudspeaker.

Laws of wave physics make the association between directivity and audio quality extremely challenging, and most of the directional speaker available on the market just can’t restitute bass sounds. Bass are the nightmare of the acoustician when it comes to control sound diffusion: they expand everywhere and through almost everything, even thick concrete wall. But listening to a piece of music without bass drastically affect the audio quality perception. Researchers from the Acoustics lab (LEMA) of EPFL, where most of the Hidacs co-founders come from, developed a technology that combine directivity and audio quality, extending the use of directional speaker to large bandwidth audio signal.


About diffusing qualitative sound, we didn’t reinvent the wheel… our products are made of small and classical electrodynamic speakers, recognized for their high fidelity. We bring the immersive effect by a judicious number, placement and casing of these speakers, associated to an optimized signal processing flow for driving each of them. 


As a result, SoundDots confine sound in a virtual cone, which immerse anyone below in an intimate and localized ambiance without disturbing the neighboorhoud.